Mod Natalício (ChristmasCraft Mod) 1.6.4


Traz o espírito natalício para o seu Minecraft com o mod ChristmasCraft. Monte sua árvore, enfeite sua casa, faça chocolate quente, ganhe presentes dos endermans, ouça discos com músicas natalinas e aprecie a neve no seu quintal. Um dos melhores e mais completos mod de natal para o Minecraft. Vale a pena instalar!

Alguns dos recipes em ingles :

Christmas Tree Stand
A sturdy base on which to grow your very own conifer! Just set it down and sprinkle some bonemeal on the top!

Nothing says “I’m celebrating Christmas!” like a lush green circle of dead plants!

Christmas Stocking
Hang up your stocking and hope that Santa visits while you sleep! No peeking!

Christmas Light
Decorate your house, your mineshaft, your trees! Hook it up to redstone and watch your electricity bills skyrocket!

Christmas Ornament
Miniature glass balls in 5 fabulous colors! Hang them from your Christmas tree, or any leafy material!

Decorative Star
No Christmas tree is complete without an elegant gold-plated star atop it!

Christmas Gift
Surprise a friend or enemy with a hand-picked item in a decorative paper wrapping! No refunds, exchanges, or re-gifting, please!

Note: Fill the center slot with virtually any item to wrap it up! Unwrap it by placing the gift on a crafting table!

Ice Skates
Walking across ice is for chumps! Strap on a pair of these babies and you’ll fly past the competition!

Candy Cane
Candy canes are a quick and easy treat, but loaded with sugar!

Chocolate Milk
Cool refreshing milk, and the richness of chocolate, yum yum!

Hot Cocoa
Heat up your chocolate milk to restore even more hunger!

Note: All of the recipes below require Christmas Spices, which look like this:
Christmas Spices can be obtained by killing a Creeper Claus.

Gingerbread Cookie
All of the nutritional value of a regular cookie, with extra Christmas spirit!

A refreshing Christmas tradition, with a hint of nutmeg! Just don’t drink too much, or you’ll regret it!

It’s a fruitcake.


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